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The Hamideh Firm, P.C. is devoted to representing employees in ensuring they receive all wages they are due. It is very difficult for a single worker to pursue a claim for unpaid wages or failure to reimburse business expenses against an employer. The effect is that large employers tend to flout wage and hour laws with impunity.

Class action lawsuits allow a single worker to represent the interests of many, resulting in substantial justice for a class of many of an employers' workers.

Our firm aggressively fights to vindicate the rights of workers when an employer violates the California Labor Code or the Fair Labor Standards Act. We currently represent workers in claims involving misclassification as "independent contractor" or "owner-operator," manager misclassification, "off-the-clock" work, failure to reimburse business expenses, missing meal and rest breaks, failure to pay minimum wage, overtime, vacation pay, reporting time pay, among many other Labor Code violations.

If you believe you are not being paid for all the time you have worked, or you are not being paid overtime which is due to you, please tell us about your case by contacting us online or calling (310) 556-9687.