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The Hamideh Firm, P.C. represents victims throughout California who have suffered injuries from motorcycle accidents.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact experienced personal injury lawyers at The Hamideh Firm, P.C. online or by calling (310) 556-9687 .

Motorcycle accidents happen every day in California. Many of these accidents result in serious injury or death. The majority of motorcyclist accidents occur as a result of car and truck driver negligence. Many of these accidents occur when do not see bikers. Motorcycles may be harder to see in other drivers’ blind spots, harder to detect at night, or in poor weather conditions. These accidents can be prevented when car and truck drivers take the proper care to check their blind spots and carefully checking an intersection before turning or merging. 

A rear-end accident in a motorcycle accident can lead to a catastrophic result for the biker. While a low impact rear-end accident in an auto v. auto accident may not be very serious, a motorcycle rear accident can often be deadly. Sudden stops can cause the motorcycle to go end over end, throwing the motorcyclist forward, resulting in serious injury. These accidents can be avoided when cars and trucks follow motorcyclists at a safe distance, and by car and truck drivers to take extra care when a motorcyclist is in the vicinity. 

Open-door accidents are also a significant cause of injury to motorcycle riders. Motorcyclists, as well as car and truck drivers should be cautious of those opening doors on the side of the street. People in parked cars tend to look quickly for oncoming cars, but many do not take the necessary time and car to be mindful of motorcyclists, and may open their car or truck door directly in the biker’s path. These accidents are preventable and car and truck drivers, as well as motorcycle riders should be careful and aware of the possibilities of these types of accidents. 

Common injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents include:

DeathTraumatic Brain InjuryBurn InjuriesDental InjuriesBroken BonesSpinal Cord InjuriesParalysisand other Catastrophic Injuries.

For further information about your motorcycle accident case and to discuss your injury claim with an experienced and dedicated Los Angeles injury lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact The Hamideh Firm, P.C. online or by calling (310) 556-9687 .