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Under California law, “managers,” “assistant managers,” and “persons-in-charge” who spend 50% or more of their work time performing "non-management" duties are entitled to overtime pay, rest breaks, and meal breaks.

Companies sometimes attempt to avoid paying overtime compensation and fail to provide meal periods and rest breaks by incorrectly labeling certain employees as “managers.”

Managers, assistant managers, and persons-in-charge are often underpaid when companies do not pay them for all hours worked, including overtime hours. California and federal law do not permit an employer to avoid paying you overtime just by calling you a “manager,” when in fact you are performing mostly the same work as the people you “manage,” or “supervise.” 

If you work, or worked, for a company that you believe misclassified you as a manager and did not pay you all overtime hours worked when most of your duties are the same as the people you “manage,” “supervise,” or “control,” contact us online or callĀ (310) 556-9687 to see how we can help.