Right of Publicity - Models and Talent

The Hamideh Firm aggressively protects models’, actors', and athletes' valuable image rights.  We have a deep understanding of the unique value images provide to national and multi-national brands.  We also understand the sacrifice and effort individuals put into investing in their valuable rights of likeness.   

We have handled over 50 right of publicity cases, including victories at trial in both state and federal courts.  Recently, our firm received a jury verdict in the amount of $1,123,000 on behalf of a model against a company for unlawfully exceeding the term of a license to use that person's image.  We have settled numerous right of publicity cases totalling over $10,000,000.

California law strictly penalizes companies for unlawfully benefiting from the unauthorized use of someone's image. 

The following are a few of the many examples we have successfully litigated to protect models', actors', and athletes' image rights:

1) When companies use someone's image for a commercial purpose beyond an initial license period

2) When companies license photographs from photographers or other third-parties, but fail to secure image rights directly from the individual

3) When companies exceed the agreed upon territorial usage of a someone's image

4) When companies exceed the agreed upon time period they are allowed to use someone's image

5) When companies exceed the agreed upon media usage of someone's image 

Bassil Hamideh was a successful fashion model for thirteen years, working with some of the top photographers and clients in the world.  Mr. Hamideh has extensive practical and legal expertise and is unrelenting in protecting his clients' image rights. 

If you are a model, actor, athlete, manager, or agent dealing with a potential violation of image rights, please email us at model@hamidehfirm.com or call (310) 755-8310 or (310) 556-9687 for a confidential consultation. 


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