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The U.S. Copyright Act is authorized by the U.S. Constitution and protects original works of authorship on a fixed and tangible medium. Most businesses have copyrights as part of their intellectual property portfolios. 

Examples may include advertising and branding materials, photographs, audio-visual works (commercials and movies), writings, computer programs, computer generated graphics, logos, musical works, and product designs, to name a few. 

These valuable copyrights require maximum protection in order to prevent unauthorized and illegal benefit by competitors.

Our firm has experience in significant copyright litigation including matters involving blatant copying, piracy, works made for hire, licensing issues, joint authorship, substantial similarity, fair use, parody, fiduciary duty, and accounting issues. 

It is imperative that businesses properly manage copyrights prior to the creation of any works of authorship. This will help ensure that, in the event of litigation, our clients receive the maximum beneficial outcome. If not managed properly, businesses may risk severely limiting a potential copyright infringement claim against a competitor. 

If your business requires assistance in protecting its copyrights, contact us online or call us at (310) 556-9687.